How Social Media Management Creates The Huge Change

 How Social Media Management Creates The Huge Change

Focusing on your target audience is at least as important when advertising on social media as when it comes to old-fashioned paper ads. You get the most out of your advertising dollars if you know your target audience and are targeted. A post that is ‘boosted’ on social media, or an ad that is exposed to a broad audience, is far from as effective as an ad that has a very specific audience. Set up specific audiences also called audiences that are relevant to exactly the content you want out with. Then you can also target your message more precisely. Both offer a much greater chance of conversion. This is a part of the social media management.

There is a sea of ​​different possibilities on e.g. Facebook and LinkedIn when it comes to target groups, but there are a few that work every time across industries. If you are a little unsure of which audiences to start looking for, we recommend that you try the following:

  • Fans of your profile or page
  • Visitors to your website
  • Lookalike (audiences based on people reminiscent of your other audiences)

The first two audiences have already shown interest and perhaps even sympathy for your business. Target groups based on traffic on the website which is controlled via e.g. a Facebook pixel or LinkedIn Insight tag. And you can leverage the media’s knowledge of the two audiences’ profiles to reach users who are similar ‘Lookalike’ based on an expectation that similar users will also find you relevant.

Video Performs Well

It is constantly changing which content performs best on social media. In 2018, there has been an increased focus on video content, and you expect this to continue to a large extent in 2019. Therefore, Facebook, for example, has also chosen to develop a tool for advertisers in Business Manager, where you can quickly and easily create video content from a lot of templates. This means that even small businesses without the resources to produce video can create video content in their ads. You can know what is social media management and accordingly offer the best results for the same.

Video content is extremely effective in creating user engagement. A survey by reveals that 54% of consumers want to watch video content from brands, which is the highest number of all content formats with e-mail or newsletters in second place with 46% and social images at 41%. Stories and live video on Facebook and Instagram have also seen great progress, which is why LinkedIn will soon introduce stories on their platform – just under a different name.

Ultimately, it’s important to keep track of what type of content works for your business what does your target audience respond to and then make more of it. You should not be afraid to try new things and test it.

Use your social media to gather leads

Social media can be a valuable source for gathering qualitative leads. Whether it is leads based on direct inquiries from potential customers, reactions to content, or leads obtained from target groups based on engagement.

To streamline lead collection via social media for e.g. specific names and emails, it is recommended using Facebook lead ads, Instagram lead ads or LinkedIn lead-gen forms. Yes, dear child has many names, but basically it is about hitting the right audience in the right place with the right message with the purpose of collecting leads that you can convert into sales.

The method is relatively simple.

Professionals are able to create a target audience of users who are most likely interested. Based on this narrow target group, they can create a lead ad on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram where you encourage the target group to fill out a form with name and email to receive our article, and at the same time sign up for our newsletter. That way, you get valuable leads into our newsletter system, which you now have direct contact with, and can send targeted messages.


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