How to choose the right shoe for women to stay stylish and comfortable?

 How to choose the right shoe for women to stay stylish and comfortable?

The shoes are of fundamental importance in the composition of everyday look. The options range from a simple flat shoe, sneakers, to the most sophisticated high heels. Considering that we spend most of the day with our feet on, whether at work, at the laser or going out to the club, we must make good choices. And what could be better than Prtya when it comes to select the branded shoes for women at affordable prices?

Women are passionate about shoes, and the choice is always a dilemma, but the expected result is always the same: making it beautiful, elegant and comfortable. High-heeled shoes are the champions in this quest, sometimes for charm, and sometimes for their glamorous style. The pointed toes or high-heeled sandals are the most popular for the day-to-day life of women who work in the corporate world. But the favorite and recommended for parties is the stiletto heel. There is no woman who does not feel charming and with great style when wearing them. Above all, the most comfortable are the sandals.

Here are some tips on choosing the right shoe

Prefer to buy shoes in the late afternoon, as your feet have already supported your weight for most of the day. This will give you more certainty that the shoe will not be in the size of your feet, making your shoes even more comfortable when using them. Having calm and patience to prove it is very important, so as not to regret it later. Do not be afraid or ashamed to say that the shoe did not fit. Choose another one. It’s the best option

Always try on both shoes, and walk around the store without shame, calmly. After all, who is going to wear the shoe is you, and it is always necessary to know how the shoes fit your feet. The material of the shoes is also very important when choosing your comfortable shoes. Test the cushioning, the soles, insoles, heels, and analyze if the product is durable. If you can’t escape high heels, try to choose those that fit you well don’t tighten and make you comfortable when wearing them.

Last consideration

For the ladies who do not give up full comfort, it is recommended to keep your feet on the ground, using the much sought-after flat shoes, sneakers, loafers, espadrilles or even sneakers, which will give you a stripped-down look and guarantee you all the expected comfort.