How To Get Aviation Certifications

 How To Get Aviation Certifications

Aviation certifications are well sought after, especially private pilot certification. As sought after as they are, they’re not always easy to acquire. There are several steps you will be required to take to be able to earn your certifications in aviation. Whether you take online aviation courses to become a private pilot or an airline pilot, below are the necessary steps to get Aviation certifications.


The first step to getting aviation certification is to be eligible for it. This means you must be up to 17 years of age and be proficient in the English language. There are also some flight training requirements that you would need to complete in addition to knowledge exams. Another essential part of getting a certification when registering for online aviation courses is getting a student pilot certificate. You can either get this from an FAA flight standard district office or from an aviation medical examiner’s office.

Pass the Aviation Medical Exam

This is another step to obtaining that certification. If you’re taking one of the online aviation courses available and haven’t passed the aviation medical exam, you won’t be allowed to solo an airplane. Getting to solo an airplane can happen quickly, so it is best not to put it off. Depending on the aviation section you would like to take part in, you would need an FAA-issued medical certificate to progress in your aviation journey. Join affordable international education that is near your house.

Sign Up With An Instructor

If you don’t have a flight instructor in mind yet, then you can check online for some of the best options out there. If you’re looking for flexibility, there are qualified online aviation learning platforms to sign up for one of the online aviation courses. Flight instructors are always eager to teach you; find an instructor that fits your learning style and offers you quality training at the same time.

Take The FAA Exam

This is usually a requirement for many flight instructors. Before stepping foot in an airplane, you might be required to take the FAA exam first. On the other hand, some training schools allow you to study at home while you also get to fly an airplane as much as you’d like. However, you would need the exam results to take part in the final check ride for your certificate.

Start Flying

Flight experience is necessary to get your certification. You can start with the basics like landing, descents, takeoff, and others. You can take the regular 10 hours to solo a plane or more. While learning how to land a plane is essential, you also need to know the emergency procedures and communication patterns. After your first few trials, you can then learn more technical maneuvers and navigation techniques.

Taking The Checkride

It might take some time to be ready for the check ride; this could range from 40 – 80 hours of preparation. This cuts across cross-country training, night flying, basic instrument training, solo flying, and many others. An FAA examiner gives the check ride, and it includes a verbal and flight exam. The duration of the exam depends on your knowledge level and examiner method.

Getting Your License

Once the practical test has been completed successfully, you will then be required to fill the FAA paperwork. This is usually done online and with the help of your examiner. You will be given a temporary certificate before the official certification arrives in the mail.

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