How to select the best contact lens for poker cheating

 How to select the best contact lens for poker cheating

If you are looking for marked cards contact lenses for playing cards, then you have come to the right place. As here at cards999, you will not only get cards and contact lenses, but you will also get a different type of poker as well as magic equipment. It is used by many people all around the world use in either their magic show for amusing the audience. Or as many casino and private club owner use to loot the player of the money that they have brought with them.

Suppose you are using marked cards to either cheat in a poker game or you are using it for good purpose like magic. In that case, you will definitely need a contact lens of good quality so that you can easily view the markings that have made on the backside of the card using the invisible marked cards and also due to the creation of our newest formula of invisible ink only the right colouring that has been offered on our contact lens product is able to see these markings clearly which makes you or the cards almost invisible to anti-cheating equipment and also the other players using the contact lens will not be able to see anyone’s card due to no presence of the correct colouring sequence.

What are infrared contact lenses?

Infrared contact lenses are that product that is almost produced and shipped by many companies out there in the world but to find a high-quality one is almost impossible to find just like a needle in a haystack as the good quality products are created in small quantity and are expensive due to non-availability of these raw materials so these companies are rather shut down or they have to reduce their selling price by too much just to sell their product but then also they face loss in the business.

You can also get the infrared camera which is equipped with two lenses which you can change anytime you want without fearing that someone might see you changing a lens of the camera. You will be caught, but this lens is almost similar to the camera lens so no one will suspect anything of cheating and you will be free from any danger or the fact that you will be caught cheating easily.

If you are looking to buy this infrared contact lens then before ordering a huge quantity, you should always bring in 1 piece as a sample and check whether the contact lens meets the requirement of your search and is able to see the marking that you have made on the card properly or not.

While buying these contact lens, you should always make sure that the colour that you are ordering will be same as your eye colour which will be like ghillie suit and the contact lens will be almost impossible to spot by the normal eye.

I hope you get some valuable information from this article.

Danny White