What are a dice gambling device and its use?

 What are a dice gambling device and its use?

You might be wondering now that due to the presence of many card cheating device available in the market, there might even be a dice cheating device which is available in the market.

Then you are guessing right there are many products that are used in cheating in a dice gambling game there is dice bowl scanning camera that is equipped with an IR camera fitted inside it so that you can easily view the number which you or the other player has rolled by just tapping on your phone screen and also there are apps available in the market to do this.

There are also remote controlled dices available in the market where you can just control the number on which the dice will land just by using a simple tap of your finger on either your phone or the remote control which is given with the dice cheating device.

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Well, now you come to know the reality that there is also a presence in the market of cheating devices first you only knew about poker cheating devices while now we are telling you all about the use as well as the availability of the different dice cheating device.

How can you get rid of cheating?

You can install the camera on the bottom of the pot you can also install it on the top, but it will directly indicate to the roller that there is something present in the bowl due to the heaviness of the lid of the bowl.

The best option is that you install the camera on the bottom of the plastic dice bowl rather than the ceramic one as while you install and use it in a ceramic one after you have rolled the dice the lens of the camera that you have installed can get damaged due to the force that has been created inside the bowl due to it being made out of ceramic the weight of the bowl is the reason the camera might get destroyed.

You can install the camera in the bowl anytime you want, and then you can view the incoming feed from the camera anytime you want, but you have to be 10m close to the camera so that you use the app properly and also the footage that you see will be clearer when you are near to the camera.

These camera work on the basis of battery and the battery can be charged just like you charge a phone or you can even use the option of inductive charging to charge the camera, and the camera shuts automatically after 5s of inactivity to save battery.

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