iFun Screen Recorder Review

 iFun Screen Recorder Review

Screen Recorders play a vital role in life these days whether you’re using them on a laptop or mobile. Everyone is searching for the best screen recorder online with all beneficial features so that people will able to record all kinds of the screen with an efficient screen recorder. Will all benefits and features for the best screen recorder, iFun Screen Recorder for Windows fullfil your all needs with high-definition videos. With this screen recorder, you can record all parts of your laptop or computer screen. Additionally, you can able to get unlimited recording time.


  • iFun Screen Recorder comes with some excellent features. The following features are:
  • Users can able to record the screen with high-quality sound.
  • Comes with the flexibility to record or capture a screen. That means this screen recorder will give you four options to record the screen- 4:3, 16:9, a specific region, and full screen.
  • Users can easily able to edit videos when they finished recording.
  • Users can easily upload videos directly to the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. with a single click.
  • iFun Screen Recorder supports various output formats and easily able to convert with over 12 other formats including MP3, AAC, etc.


  • Users can get lag-free screen recording.
  • High-definition video quality with unlimited recording time duration.
  • It includes voice capture and face cam also.
  • Users can share videos easily on social networking platforms.
  • It provides various output formats.
  • You can use this screen recorder for free.


  • The recorder is compatible with Windows only.
  • Its pro version is a bit expensive.
  • A few features are missing in the free version of iFun Screen Recorder.
  • Customized watermark comes with its Pro version.

How to record screen on Windows 10?

Below are the following steps of how to record screen on Windows 10 with iFun Screen Recorder:

Users can easily download the iFun Screen Recorder online from its official site. Install it on your Computer or Laptop of Windows 10 and it’s very easy for the user to record their screen. Once the software is successfully installed on your Windows 10 device, follow the steps one by one to record the screen:

  • First, open the screen recorder software by click on the desktop shortcut of iFun Screen Recorder.
  • Then select or choose the entire screen to record. You can also “Select a Region” option to select a particular area.
  • You can turn ON the speaker if you want to record the audio of the screen. You can also switch ON the microphone with a mouse click on the screen recording bar.
  • Then, click the red-colored REC button to start recording the screen.
  • You can pause or stop the captured recording anytime with the help of a floating screen overlay. You can also take a screenshot at the time of screen recording.
  • When the recording of your screen is finished, you can able to save the video, edit them, and easily share the video on social networking sites from the Video List Tab.
  • Users can easily adjust the video quality, resolution, frame rate, and output format from a “Recording Setting” option. You can also set the destination folder and convert it to audio format also.

Final Words

If your main work is to record the screen of your Computer PC or Laptop, Games with Audio, and Upload it on social media then we highly recommend using the iFun Screen Recorder. It’s free to use, available for Windows without any sign-up with a video editor facility and various output formats.

Clare Louise