Old City Semarang : A Whole Information For You

Semarang still retains an area that is synonymous with various old colonial-style vintage buildings. Since the capital of this state and also the very developed city on the island of Java, Semarang is an attractive tourist destination because it’s still very thick with cultural and historical components. In reality, in one corner of the city, Semarang still features an area that is synonymous with different old colonial-style antique buildings, which can be known as Kota Lama Semarang.

Speaking about year-long holiday tendencies in Semarang, Region Head Java in OYO Hotels and Homes Indonesia, Bayu Seto, stated that Semarang is no less popular with its neighbours such as Yogyakarta and Solo. Apart from offering various culinary excursions, elements of tourism are the primary attraction for vacationers. Are you planning to devote your year-end holidays in Semarang? Here are various things you can visit while enjoying the beautiful allure of the Old City of Semarang.

Art Gallery

If you are interested in an indoor location that’s no less beautiful than the exterior of a building in the Old City, then you can go to several art galleries in this area. One of the famous galleries in this area is the Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery which is located on Jl. Taman Srigunting No. 5-6.

This place is a classic building that has undergone several renovations. In its history, this building was torn down and rebuilt in 1918 in a Victorian style and has been listed as the first office of an insurance company named “De Indische Lloyd” in 1937. You can visit this place by paying an entrance ticket of IDR 10,000 per person.

Photo Spot

It isn’t complete if you pay a visit to the Kota Lama Semarang region without getting the several forms of charming architecture found in older buildings in the Kota Lama region of ​​Semarang. For photography enthusiasts, as well as those who like to be the subject of photography, there are always interesting places in every corner of the Kota Lama Semarang that can be recorded. Unlike a few of the “instagrammable” spots that travellers frequently experience in tourist destinations using striking colours and postmodern designs, photo places in Kota Lama tend to be calmer and give a much more “authentic” feel to your photos.

Among the famous places in the Kota Lama Semarang region is your Blenduk Church that has a distinctive half-spherical dome. Established with the original name GPIB Immanuel Semarang, this church was constructed in 1753 and is one of the oldest Christian churches in Indonesia. This period of building the church gave a powerful European-style neo-gothic effect to its architectural design. It is an icon of this Kota Lama place, it seems mandatory if you visit this area to capture its unique architecture.


The city of Semarang is famous for its culinary delights. Which range from dozens of different soto recipes in every store that may be located in all corners of the city to flavorful rice gandul and Semarang’s typical chicken rice that promises a unique taste on the tongue. Among the most well-known culinary spots in the Kota Lama Semarang is Pak Karmin’s tripe fried rice. The place is right next to the Mberok Bridge Area, Kota Lama Semarang. Over five years old, this shop is one of the most flavorful tripe fried rice stalls you can visit in the Kota Lama area of​​ Semarang.

If fried rice might not be your preference, then try seeing Pak Sabar’s bustaman curry. It is located right behind Blenduk Church, Kota Lama, Semarang. The beef curry dish at this shop has its uniqueness where the broth doesn’t use coconut milk, but it still tastes delicious. This shop has been around since the 1970s. Unsurprisingly, this location is often employed as a culinary place apart from its strategic location, exceptional taste, and comparatively affordable prices, approximately IDR 30 thousand each serving.

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Clare Louise