Outdated SEO Strategies You Might Still be Using and How Virginia Beach SEO can Help Change Them

 Outdated SEO Strategies You Might Still be Using and How Virginia Beach SEO can Help Change Them


It’s a good thing that you have SEO strategies to boost your visibility online. You need to optimize certain keywords so that more people will know what you have to offer. You’re also increasing your credibility if you appear on the first pages of Google. The only problem is that you might still be using outdated strategies. They’re ineffective, and some of them could even hurt your efforts. As such, you have to consider hiring Virginia Beach SEO like Spark Factory and use more effective methods. These are some of the outdated strategies that aren’t worth doing anymore.

Link directories

Back then, there are websites considered as link directories. You can leave the links of your site to these directories hoping that people will find them and be redirected to your page. The problem is that these are poor quality sites, and no one is using them anymore. Google can even penalize you for using these directories.

Keyword stuffing

Just because you’re trying to optimize a keyword doesn’t mean you have to stuff them in a page. It used to be an effective strategy, but Google now has updated algorithms that can easily detect keywords being stuffed on a page. Despite having those words written several times on a page, they won’t increase your chances of rising in search engines. You could get penalized for attempting to trick the search engine, and push your pages down even further.

Irrelevant guest blogging

Guest blogging is still alive, and it could still be a useful technique. The good thing about doing this strategy is that your post can be viewed by people who are among your target audiences. For instance, if they read an article and your link is embedded in the end, there’s a chance for them to visit your page. Blog owners accept guest blogs since they can also help the blog pages. The problem is that some people abused this system. Instead of writing about relevant topics, they keep sending topics that have nothing to do with the blog’s niche. As such, many people who frequented these blogs got angry. They not only avoid reading the guest blogs; they even stop following the blog page. You can still use guest blogging, but you have to be more cautious.

Exact-match anchor text 

When you analyze the keywords that can be optimized, you will realize that some are more difficult than the others. Authority websites have already optimized the most relevant keywords. You can either try to take that top spot or find a closely relevant keyword match. Again, many people abused this strategy and stuffed pages with relevant keywords or an alternative to a popular keyword. Google tried to change its algorithms again to avoid rewarding these pages. If you decide to use them, you should be more cautious. The same thing is true with pages for every keyword variation. You might think it helps, but it doesn’t. It’s just like keyword stuffing, and Google coils treat these pages as an attempt to “cheat” the system.

Buying links 

This is a blatant attempt to cut the process short. It’s terrible and could harm your efforts to boost the site. You buy these links because they’re already established, and many people can access. The problem is that it’s not an organic way to reach the top. It could be disappointing for those who clicked the link and didn’t find what they hope for. This strategy hurts both the link and your page. The links will eventually lose authority, and your site will be penalized for buying those links.

Poor quality content 

Back then, if you keep writing content, it’s more than enough to optimize the keyword. Search engines will appreciate your effort to come up with something new and unique. The problem is that these contents are of poor quality. There are grammar and spelling issues. The quality is terrible. The information might not even be factual. Imagine if you’re reading this type of content, you will surely feel disappointed. Hence, Google became more cautious about rewarding pages with poor quality content. The solution is to come up with quality content and review everything before you publish it. Take your time to verify the facts presented and don’t settle for anything less. Time is of the essence, but don’t rush the process.

Writing for bots and not for people

When coming up with new content, you have to think about the readers. Determine who will benefit from viewing the information you published. Forget about how the article can rank high in search engines. If you always think that way, your writing style will be dedicated to bots. Sure, it could be a good thing for your efforts, but not for the readers. Eventually, they will realize that you don’t have their best interest in mind. The readers will feel turned off and look for other sites.

These outdated strategies used to work, but Google constantly updates its algorithms. The goal is to give people what they’re looking for when typing keywords. Google also has to protect its interest, and rewarding pages that don’t build everything from scratch or work hard is a terrible idea.

If you want more people to see your site, you have to avoid these outdated strategies. You have to keep yourself abreast of the changes. Considering that changes happen all the time, you have to be quick.

If you can’t keep up, it’s not a problem. Hiring SEO service companies would help. These companies know what to do. They have experts who understand the process and will help you move to the top. It’s still a lengthy process, but you can move an inch each day. You also allow more people to view what you have to offer. As long as you’re with the right partner, you have nothing to worry about. Look for reputable SEO companies with glowing reviews from those who tried their services in the past.


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