Powerful tips that will increase your engagement rate on Instagram

 Powerful tips that will increase your engagement rate on Instagram

Not so long ago the social networking site Instagram has launched and since then the world’s attention is focused on this platform. Millions of people join this incredible networking space on a daily basis and statistics show that currently the platform is visited by more than 2 billion active users per month. We can definitely say that Instagram can grab everyone’s interest , no matter their age, gender or nationality. Instagram has a variety of users that provide unique content for every niche you could possibly think of. 

Whether you have just joined Instagram or you are already an established influencer or brand representer you can boost your online presence and you can achieve unreal success using Instagram. In order to be successful as an Instagrammer you should manage to keep a high engagement rate. This rate is formed by the average number of your followers compared to the average number of the “like reactions” you have on your posts. If you manage to achieve a good balance between these average numbers your Instagram account will be detected by Instagram algorithms as a trendy one and you will be more likely to extend your reach and gain popularity over the social platform. 

In fact , this is not an easy task at all to become popular on Instagram,especially if you have just joined the platform and you still don’t have an established audience that will interact with your content. Therefore , users are allowed to buy instagram followers USA in order to grow their accounts quickly. The more your account grows , the more likely is your profile to be reached by other people that will interact with your content. For example, if you are a business owner and if you use Instagram as an opportunity that will help you to  achieve your business goals , there are many tools that the application supports which can help you to develop a powerful marketing strategy that will build awareness and credibility to your business and bring you many new potential customers.
Many influencers , make-up artists , different brands and other businesses have found success on Instagram by engaging their followers skillfully. There are few existing and tested ways that can help you to engage your audience and benefit from Instagram. Our team has collected a few powerful methods that will help you to keep your engagement rate high ,so let’s have a look at them. 

  • Consistency is the key! One of the most important challenges is to make people keep coming back to your page and to engage with your content.  In order to do so , you should provide your audience with content frequently. For example you can do one post per day and a few Instagram stories as well. Instagram stories are thought to be one of the most powerful engaging tools. This consistency will show your followers that you are dedicated to your brand but also to them. 
  • Get closer to your followers by hosting Instagram Live videos. With one of the latest updates Instagram has added the function that allows users to capture Live videos ,which is also a great engagement tool as you are able to speak directly with your followers. Users are also allowed to invite other users on their live videos where they can discuss something , represent a product or just speak with their followers. You can go live from time to time in order to build a relationship with your audience and we can guarantee that they will stay loyal to you. 
  • Instagram is built from hashtags- USE them! Instagram’s primary method of categorizing content is through hashtags. You may add up to 32 hashtags on your posts , however it is not a good idea to add just random hashtags, you should find the proper ones that will be relevant to your niche.

  All of the tips we have mentioned above are some major methods that can increase your engagement rate and keep it high. However you should be ready to dedicate lots of time and efforts in order to be successful on Instagram. 


Daniel Donny