Preserving Your Items in a Long-Term Public Storage Unit

 Preserving Your Items in a Long-Term Public Storage Unit

Many people use storage on a short-term basis, perhaps as they are waiting to move into a new house or apartment that isn’t yet available; however, there are cases where someone is going to need to use storage for a longer period of time.

When this happens, people often worry about preserving their items. Fortunately, there are some helpful tips that people can follow to make sure their items are preserved in a public storage unit.

Clean Your Belongings Before Placing Them in Public Storage

The cleaner items are when they are placed in storage, the cleaner they will be when they come out. Take an airbrush to the keyboard and make sure it is as clean as possible.

Clean the undercarriage of a car. Think about removing any traces of dust, debris, and water from the items before placing them in storage. As items sit there, these substances can foster mold growth, mildew, and severe damage.

Think About the Packaging

The packaging that items are placed in when they enter a storage unit is important. Whenever possible, use the original packaging. This is often airtight and will protect the items as strongly as possible.

When this is not available, use strong totes. Don’t overpack the boxes. Label them clearly. These steps will not only keep the items safe from harm but also make them easier to unpack when they are removed from storage.

Find the Right Storage Features

Lastly, think about the quality of the public storage unit itself. Climate control might be important in areas with extreme weather. Security can also be key, as storage units are often the targets of thieves.

Electric gates, video surveillance, and high-quality customer service can also make or break the quality of a storage unit.