Questions to ask a car accident lawyer in Rutland

 Questions to ask a car accident lawyer in Rutland

If you ever get injured in a car accident in Vermont, you must know your rights. Vermont is an at-fault state. This means that the driver responsible for the accident must pay compensation for the losses and damages suffered by victims, though their insurance company. You are also required to report the crash within 72 hours, if there were injuries, death, and/or property damage worth $3,000 or more. For safeguarding your interests and rights, consider talking to an attorney specializing in personal injury laws. Below are some questions to ask when you meet a Rutland VT car accident lawyer

  1. How often do you deal with car accident claims and lawsuits?

The scope of personal injury law is huge. You need an attorney, who deals with car accident claims on a regular basis. If you want to know an attorney better, you can ask about their top settlements, cases, and landmark lawsuits. You can also get references, or check for independent reviews of the law firm posted on Google. 

  1. What do you think of my case?

A skilled car accident lawyer will ask a bunch of questions related to the accident. Once they know the basics, you can expect to get a fair assessment of your case. At times, an attorney may ask the client to settle for whatever is being offered, because there is no scope for a better settlement. In other cases, the same attorney can take an aggressive stance and may even go to trial, to get a fair compensation for their clients. 

  1. Do you work on a contingency basis?

Many attorneys in VT take up car accident lawsuits on a contingency basis. In such an arrangement, the lawyer only gets paid if they win. The contingency fee is something around 25-40%, depending on the expertise of the lawyer and complications of the case. There are other expenses related to car accident lawsuits, including litigation and investigation expenses. Ask the attorney if they can advance the costs, which can be adjusted with the settlement. 

  1. Who will handle your case?

Multiple car accident lawyers work for the same law firm, and therefore, the attorney you meet may not be the one working on your case. Ask in advance about the lawyer assigned to your case, and how you can have direct access to the person. 

Check online for top-rated attorneys in Rutland and schedule a meeting. The initial consultation is usually free, although some accident lawyers do charge a nominal fee.