RAR APK – WinRAR for android

 RAR APK – WinRAR for android

RAR is an app that performs multiple tasks. Mainly we will call that app as a file manager. Except to the file manager the app is performing many tasks. Examples of those are as follows. RAR performs easy, quick, and free, programs of compressions. Even it is an extractor and an assistant to the user.

Other than that, the RAR apk is to createZIP RAR. Even the unpack of the RAR, ZIP, TAR, GZ, BZ2.  Apart from the list of uses included with the command to the damaged files. The command is for the repair.

Those are the basic details of the app. I assume that you would get sufficient details about the RAR app through the above paragraphs. Then we will go through the app for further information. You can download this app directly from AC Market App Store.

The RAR app is about 6.40 MB sized. Now the app has performed about 100,000,000 + downloads so far. The RARLAB offers the above app to the users. We can categorize the RAR app as a free tools app. And you have to be with a device of android version 4.4 or a grater to work with the app.

Those are the basic details that a user has to be aware. After all, there are some significant features contained in the app. Would you like to see them? Then we will see.

Features of the RAR app

  • You can create, unpack, extract, manage and repair the files
  • There are some ads contained in the app. If you want to disable those you have to pay for that
  • The RAR app required permission related to the network settings
  • When installing the file even you have to enable the unknown sources from the settings folder
  • If you haven’t given the permission for that the download process will be damaged
  • If you have problem with the language of the RAR app you can simply solve with the RAR extras

Those are the existing features of the above RAR app. Then let us see what are the new features introduced with the latest version of the app. Then we will see what they are.

What’s new with the latest version of the RAR app

  • The current percentage is displayed in the notification area. You can check it while you are working on the background.
  • As soon as the operation finished the progress bar will be removed.
  • The existed bugs have fixed.
  • The deleting process of many files can’t take place in once.

So those above are the things that I know about the RAR app. I have told all of them.The app is not totally free. You can make it ad-free by paying for the ad-free version. Even you have to pay some of them about 1 $ – $3 per item.There are some ads contained in the app. But those are placed by the app developer. Also, your experience won’t be harmed by the app. Then the other thing is the safety of the user and the security of the data. Don’t worry about all with the RAR app. This is not an even restricted app for usage. Then feel free working with the app. I guess that you will work with the app for sure. For more information visit: https://www.acmarket-app.com/


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