Tanning Skin Is Exotic

 Tanning Skin Is Exotic

In this day and age, you already know what is number one, yep appearance.
There are so many things people do to support their appearance.
Now, the one that supports your appearance and what’s more trendy is tanning.
Does anyone know what tanning is?
For those of you who don’t know, please refer to the article below.


Some urban women even try to darken their skin color, or maybe it’s more commonly known as tanning.

Tanning is a technique used to change the skin to make it appear more brownish.
Lately, the tanning technique has become a hit among celebrities.

Tanning can be done Indoor by Indoor tanning lotion or outdoors.

There are several ways of this skin darkening process, namely:

Natural Tanning

Maybe you often see tourists sunbathing on the beach in direct sunlight, this method is one of the techniques for tanning the skin naturally by utilizing direct sun exposure on the skin.
At first glance, this method has no risks, but don’t be mistaken for a healthy sunbathing in the sun for no more than an hour.
If more than that then be careful because the sun’s rays can burn, peel, and blemish your skin.

Although sunlight is good for the formation of vitamin D, it is not a good idea to tan too long to darken the skin tone.
Even though using SPF lotion and various types of products contain sunscreen, the ultraviolet rays contained in the sun can still damage the skin.
In simple terms, UV rays will stimulate the production of pigments thus making the skin darker.

Specifically, UVA rays work to stimulate the pigment cells in the skin to darken the skin tone and UVB rays can thicken the epidermal tissue of the skin and cause sunburn or sunburn.

Artificial Tanning

Artificial tanning or tanning on the skin surface is a technique for tanning the skin using a Tanning lotion by spraying or rubbing it on the entire surface of the skin on the body to get a brownish skin tone.
This technique can be said to be safer but the results are not permanent and usually only lasts between 5 to 7 days.

Tanning skin is synonymous with Hollywood celebrities who in fact have white skin and then deliberately darken their skin. As a result, they not only have a different appearance but also add an exotic impression.


The following are celebrities who do tanning:

  • Jennifer Lopez

Having exotic back skin with tanning like Jlo is indeed a challenge in itself.
If you want to show your tanning back skin.

  • Victoria Beckham

Posh always appears with her pale skin that is sparkling at every opportunity.
This is not the real color of her skin, you know, but the result of her regular tanning.

  • Heidi Klum

Want tanning skin like this German-American model?
Before you wear a sleeveless dress like Heidi, don’t forget to wax, shave and scrub.
This will make the tanning last longer.

  • Kim Kardashian

In addition to tanning, Kim also often appears with skin spiked with shimmers so that her skin is getting glowing on several occasions.

  • Agnes Mo

Many women, especially in Asia, are willing to do many ways to get white skin.
But singer Agnes Mo is just the opposite.
He prefers to darken his skin by tanning.
Initially, Agnes had a hobby of sunbathing and doing outdoor sports.

Clare Louise