The Different Types of Power Sockets Available in the Market

 The Different Types of Power Sockets Available in the Market

Getting the right electric equipment can be a tricky job. It’s fine, after all not all of us remember what we learned about electrical things in our physics class. But we can always look up to some basic knowledge. And that’s exactly what you will be reading here.

To be specific, this article will deal with power sockets available in the market. You might also get to understand better about some Power plug with USB socket (ปลั๊กไฟ USB, which is the term in Thai).

Read on to refresh your memory on that electric chapter from high school.

1.    The Oldest One

The oldest Power socket (เต้ารับ ปลั๊กไฟ, term in Thai) has two rectangular pins parallel to each other and it’s not grounded. It’s capable of giving out a current up to 15A with a voltage of 220-240V. This type of power plug is used mainly in countries like France, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia & Czechia, etc. One of the oldest types of power plug, in no doubt.

2.    Three-Pinned (i)

This is what we in general language call as a three-pin plug socket. It comes in two types:

  • Power Plug
    • That is grounded but does not support inverters (5A)
    • It is the most common type
  • Standard Plug
  • Supports devices that can run on inverters (15A)
  • This type of plug is also common but small in numbers around any space like homes but large in numbers in offices or any corporate place

Keep in mind that these three-pin sockets support triangular plugs.

3.    The USB One

This is getting quite common these days. It is what we call a Power plug with a USB socket. It can be found in public transports such as metro or trains. It is easier to install and people don’t need to carry their charging adapters since charging wires are easily available. As devices are getting advanced with charging facilities, this is type is also becoming very popular.

4.    Three-Pinned (ii)

These are also three-pin sockets but support circular plugs. They can be taken as the predecessor of the above-mentioned type. While the previous one had a range of 5A-15A; this one has that of 16A and is grounded like any other socket.

5.    All-Purpose

This is the most common socket that has 5 holes for different types of plugs. It can support a two-pin plug as well as a three-pin plug; depending on whether it’s a standard one or a major power socket. This socket is used in every Indian household.

There are other sockets like those that support landlines and some older ones which have been discarded over the times. However, a power plug with USB socket can be called as the newest one.

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