The limits in sports betting in relation to your winnings

 The limits in sports betting in relation to your winnings

In general, when you have bet a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars, if you are among the 3% of people who make money in sports betting, which we hope you will be limited in of your earnings.

At bwin Sbobet88 Mobile, you will have a pop up that opens telling you that you cannot win more than x  euros, or that your betting limit is x euros.

1st tip to blow the limits:

When you go to take your singles bet, add odds of 1.01 in combined. You will see that there, the betting limit disappears (or else it is increased). The wagering limit when playing in combination is higher because the bookmaker estimates that your probability of losing in combination is higher.

Of course, this increases your risk of losing, but it’s up to you to find the right odds at 1.01 that will allow you to win your handset.

From my experience we can tell you that sometimes the odds at 1.01 do not go through, but of course this is really very rare.

This little tip will allow you to continue playing on this bookmaker for a while before being of course also limited on the combined.

2nd tip to blow the limits:

Avoid withdrawing your money from your gaming account. Why?

Because a bookmaker will estimate that as long as the money you have taken from him stays in your gambling account, he can always get it back. Whereas if you withdraw it, it will consider that this money is wasted, and it will tend to start watching you, and therefore limiting you!

You should know that at all the bookmakers where you are registered, you are on file. When you register, they put a cookie on your computer. 

If you are a specialist in a sport (and this is the right way to make money in sports betting), the bookmaker will spot it. You are going to work indirectly for him. That is to say that each time you go to bet on this sport, the bookmaker will be notified and may suspend the bet on his site, in order to analyze and readjust his bet. He may also not reopen this bet.

Me, this has happened to me several times. We played a fairly large amount on a bet, then refreshed the page and the bet was gone.

The limits in sports betting compared to the sports you bet on

You are not responsible for this limit, it is the bookmaker himself who will set his own risk limits. This is generally the case for niche sports: you can read my article on niche and mass sports.

A bookmaker is more vulnerable on more confidential sports because less information and statistics are available. These sports are therefore more difficult to rate for him.


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