The Wedding Rings You Would Find Perfect

 The Wedding Rings You Would Find Perfect


The choice of wedding rings is one of these essential steps in the preparation of a wedding. These rings that are exchanged during the ceremony seal the union and symbolize eternal love. If women are used to choosing and wearing rings, it is not always the case for men. However, the wedding ring is often the one and only jewel that they allow themselves, for better and for worse. It is therefore a matter of choosing the right material and color. Here are some tips to help you with your research. You can go for the IntelliRings  there.

The Choice Of Metal For A Men’s Wedding Band

Traditionally, wedding rings are made of gold, a precious metal that is as resistant as the bonds of marriage should be. But other metals are now used in jewelry and some of them may be more suitable for a masculine look. Here is a short list of metals used for making men’s wedding rings, from the most expensive to the most affordable:

  • Platinum: naturally white and shiny, it resists wear very well.
  • Gold: precious, shiny, resistant, it can be yellow, but also rhodium-white, pink, black or gray.
  • Palladium: it has the same characteristics as platinum.
  • Titanium: light and resistant, it remains matt and sober, but can be difficult to engrave.
  • Silver: a precious metal which oxidizes and blackens easily and therefore requires maintenance.
  • Tungsten: increasingly present in jewelry, this metal is at the same time affordable, solid and shiny. But it may be too hard to allow engraving or possible future resizing.
  • Stainless steel: sober, masculine, resistant, economical, this metal has many advantages.

The Color Of Gold

Depending on the alloy that makes up the alliance, its gold can be yellow, pink, black, gray, white. So many colors that allow you to easily choose a gold alliance suited to your tastes.

The most classic alliance, the benchmark safe bet, is the yellow gold alliance. It can be complicated for a man who is not used to wearing jewelry and rings, because it is quite showy.

The white gold alliance is more sober. Be careful, it shines a lot, because it is rhodium-plated. It also requires care and maintenance. This rhodium layer naturally fades over time and should be cleaned and renewed regularly.

The black gold alliance will be very modern and masculine. It is however less timeless than yellow or white gold and you could quickly get tired of it. It is still a master key and can be worn easily with many outfits.

The rose gold wedding ring can also find its place on a man’s ring finger. This piece of jewelry can offer a quirky effect and, anyway, why should pink be reserved only for women?

The multi-colored alliance combines all tastes and saves you from making a choice. It is made up of different rings or rows made in different golds. Most often, these rings are made of two or three golds of different color.

How To Choose The Color Of A Wedding Band For Men?

You will understand, the choice of wedding rings for men is very wide, whether in terms of metals or colors. To choose the right jewelry, think about your habits and your look. Discreet and sober, opt for a white gold, silver or even steel ring. Classic, opt for a yellow gold or palladium wedding band. Trendy and trendy, black gold is for you. In addition to your tastes, think about your budget, all these materials are obviously not sold at the same price.


Daniel Donny