There are always leaders with a great vision but very few cases of the same vision in the team. The right management of a team can be tricky. It’s all about the team’s performance and productivity. There are some tips to lead and manage the team successfully. It will help you to become a good leader.

1: A very transparent purpose, target goal, and right guidance.

If you want to start a successful team with the right management you have to ask very basic questions. What is the role of my team and which goals are we going to see. To get the best out of the team you need to address both of these questions.

Leading companies like Dwayne Rettinger Investors Group always have a clear mission and transparent idea of why they exist. They also have a clear goal in their mind that drives them daily to do their best. Remember that all the major goals are accessible with daily small tasks or small steps that should be taken by the leader and the team both.

2: Building a trusted relationship with the team.

Trust is the major element needed to be present in any relationship. If there will be trust, there will be confidence in taking a good step ahead.

If there’s a lack of trust between the boss and workers or among themselves, there will be issues of manipulation, no work, and loss of time and energy. So remember to trust your team the way they deserve. It will be great in working and will increase their working capacity. Bill Gates¬†is another name for being a good leader and managing his team and working right.

3: Regular planning and communication.

Meetings are a great part of any leadership program. A leader must have to communicate right with the best coordination and right way of delivering the ideas.

There are different sorts of meeting ideas for leaders to apply just to resist all the wastage of time and energy.

Daily there should be a short meeting of discussion between the leader and the team telling the progress and the next milestones to achieve. I recommend reading about Dwayne Rettinger.

4: Track the time of the Members.

all the great leaders know this fact that it is impossible to manage what you don’t measure. Time is the most precious resource of every individual. So checking the time and managing it properly is very essential for the right productivity. Tracking the time of how your team is working. As well as giving them enough space to breathe and have their own time as well for the mind refreshment.


These are a few tips for all of you to have an efficient management team with the most productive criteria. I hope all these tips give you good ideas to rise.

Daniel Donny