Tips on hiring a bouncy castle for an event

 Tips on hiring a bouncy castle for an event

Planning the birthday party with the bouncy castle for the kids to enjoy? Here are some important tips on how to find the right agent for hiring the bouncy castle – 

Ensure to hire from the local companies 

Hiring the bouncy castle for any event needs a great amount of thought and safety precautions. Hence, ensure to hire the bouncy castle from the reputed local agency renting their castles in your area. This way you can ensure some amount of safety. Talk to your friends and family to check if they are aware of any local companies renting the bouncy house. The well-known experienced agency will have their expertise and the guarantee to offer only the high-quality item. 

Take your time out to go through the website to read through the customer reviews and suggestions to get a better understanding of the reliability of the service the company offers. Have a look at online ratings and testimonials from former customers that made use of their services before and think about how safe you feel for the bouncy castle hire.

Check the insurance of the company 

It is important to confirm that the bouncy castle renting company has insurance to cover all the damages or injuries that would occur while renting the equipment. 

 This is one of the safety steps to ensure the security and working condition of the bouncy house. And in case of any mishaps, all the parties will be covered adequately

Take the contact details in advance

This is one important point while hiring the bouncy castle. Takedown the contact information, including the phone number, alternate number, mobile number and emergency numbers.

Also, check for the physical address where they conduct the business. This is an additional guarantee that you are availing of service from a reliable agent. 

You may even meet the agent in person at their address and have a check on the different bouncy castles available with them. This gives you the chance to pick the one after a thorough inspection. You can also utilise the meeting with the customer service representative at the physical address to ask any questions or queries you may have in your mind.

 Only when you find the information offered by the representative as satisfying and reliable, you may go ahead and pay the advance amount for the castle.

Ensure that you have validated all the safety concerns

While talking to the customer service representative or going through the bouncy castle rental service website, ensure that they have all the safety concerns addressed appropriately. 

Also, check for the number of safety mats, sandbags and other safety essentials are provided under the rental package along with the bouncy house. The safety and security of the kids are extremely important. Check with the company if they also offer a guard who will take care of the castle and kids while they are playing and enjoying inside the castle house.

Speak with the representative about the safety aspects of the bouncy house and pegging to ensure that the bouncy castle is operated safely by the staff. Ensure to have the trained expert accompanying the castle to handle any emergencies or mishaps.