Vufine Wearable Display Is An Useful Product

 Vufine Wearable Display Is An Useful Product

You can gain an additional monitor by using a Vufine wearable display. It connects via HDMI to any compatible devices. It includes smartphones, drones, laptops, and other gadgets. It mirrors the screen source and the safety project sits in front of your eyes. It is a convenient heads up display that allows you to keep everything in front of you. It generally offers three different display modes that allow you to customize your viewing experience.

Magnetic docking station

It includes a magnetic docking station that utilizes a ball joint and pivoting arm system for stuff it enables you to adjust to the optimal viewing angle. When it’s fully charged it can last up to 90 minutes. It includes a carrying case coma necessary cables and docking stations.

Vufine wearable display offers

  • Mirror content

It acts as a second monitor or middle to display. It depends on the source device which you have connected it with. Since it connects with a majority of the devices like phones, drones, laptop, it is convenient to use it.

  • LCOS display

Vufine wearable display utilizes a 960 x 540 LCD display. It provides a virtual screen that appears as a 4-inch display at approximately 12 inches from the user’s eye.

  • Device support

It connects via HDMI cable. It is compatible with any device which is capable of outputting a 720 p signal.

  • Line of sight

It is used as a monocular FPV system. It can maintain a direct line of sight. Is widely used and connected with drones.

  • Long battery

It generally has an internal battery that offers 90 minutes of running time. It is very easy to charge the display through a USB cable. You can even charge the device through an external battery.

  • Adjustable viewing angle

Vufine wearable display magnetically attaches to the docking station. It also allows you to adjust the display according to your own comfort. It helps in viewing the video better.

Used in

The air space industry is deeply and needs of the variables. With the eye-tracking technology employed in the fighter’s helmets, it makes it a great feature. It also promises a great help for the filmmakers who are looking to get just a bit closer to the image while their shooting.

Great product

The picture quality of the vufine wearable display is amazing. Although the design looks visually appealing, it is relatively inexpensive. In terms of the features and qualities, it offers the customers a valuable and useful product. It works as a monitor and it allows HDMI input from wherever you want to. It also has an audio output pin. It can be adjusted up or down by rotating on the magnet or side-to-side, hence it is a very flexible and useful device.


You can also adjust it closer and farther away from your face by positioning the magnetic glasses. Even if it is battery powered, it is not completely wire-less as you need to have a micro HDMI cable connect to it for the signal. It is worth investing in it.


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