What Can I Gift Along With Tulip Bouquet?

 What Can I Gift Along With Tulip Bouquet?


There are 193 countries globally, and almost all of them have national flowers – even some of them have their celebratory date. Many different countries have adopted national flowers to symbolize their country, people, history, or even only because they grow quickly in the country’s climate and soil. As a result, it is plentiful there.

One of the national flowers that almost everyone knows is the national flower of the Netherlands. This country is also known as Holland and known for windmills, wooden sandals, and tulips. Colorful tulips bloom in the Netherlands in the spring. This flower has become a symbol of this country that is recognized worldwide.

Tulips have a Latin name, Tulipa. Usually, tulips will bloom from early March to April. The tulip flower’s most striking feature is the leaves that close up and close to the flower crown, have a colorful variety, and have 6 petals.

Actually, tulips are not native to the Netherlands. They even come from central Asia and Turkey and can adapt well to rocky terrain. Netherlands’ first tulip bloomed in 1593. Today, millions of tulips grow in the Netherlands each year and attract many tourists. This country is also well-known for being the world’s largest flower exporter.


The tulip may not be the most beautiful flower in the world, but this flower has its own philosophical meaning that is meaningful for tulip lovers.

  1. Perfection and Eternal Love

This meaning applies to couples who are in a relationship and for families to always be harmonious in the family environment.

  1. Infinite Love

Infinite love is one of the aims of having a relationship. It’s tough when a relationship ends because the couple already established love and affection.

  1. Rewards And Greatness

Everyone who manages to get what they dream of usually get flowers from colleagues, friends, and family for congratulations.

  1. Abundance and Prosperity

Some people believe that tulips can bring sustenance. Therefore, tulips can be a factor for someone to get this prosperity.

The bright colors of the tulips are one reason why so many people love them. The tulips’ cheerful colors include red, pink, orange, yellow, purple, and white. Each color has a different meaning. Want to give a tulip bouquet Singapore to your family, lovers, or friend? Let’s read the following review to find out the importance of tulips based on their color.


The purple color gives the impression of high class. In Hamlet’s story, a play by William Shakespeare, the color purple is widely used as a symbol of nobility. It can be seen from the elegant color and seems expensive. The same is the case with purple tulips. Purple tulips symbolize royalty and perfection. True love can also be described as the purple tulip flower’s meaning. The purple tulip flower concept gives a mature impression. It is suitable to be given as a flower gift for couples who have been in love for a long time.

In terms of meaning, in the Netherlands, people interpret purple tulips as an expression of love at first sight. If you give a Dutch lady purple tulips, she will think you like them.


Red tulips are widely used to express feelings of love. It is in accordance with nature, which symbolizes the greatness of love. Once upon a time, there was a prince named Prince Farhad. He falls in love with a girl named Shirin. But Shirin died, and Prince Farhad was very sad and desperate. He chose to end his life to follow his idol girl who had preceded him. In the end, Prince Farhad jumped off the cliff. Prince Farhad’s blood drops appeared on the red tulip. It made red tulips stand for eternal, unconditional, and deep love as well as perfect affection.

In addition to the above story, some people believe that red tulips can bring luck and express one’s heart. For Valentine this year, there’s nothing wrong with giving your partner a bouquet of tulips. Bishan florist provides a large selection of tulip bouquets that you can choose from.


Yellow tulips are a symbol of friendship. Don’t give this color to the person you like or to your partner because it can be mistaken for a “failed relationship.”

Bright colors like sunflowers represent a cheerful and radiant state. If your best friend is sick, try giving him yellow tulips to cheer him up. If you have one type of cheerful friend and always brings joy, you can combine yellow tulips with some blue tulips to symbolize your friend’s character.


Pink or pink tulips are a symbol of appreciation and good wishes. In the Netherlands, the wreath that the winners will wear contains a series of pink tulips at every sporting event. As an expression of appreciation for the victories that have been achieved. It is not infrequently used as a bouquet for the bride, as a prayer for good wishes in the future.


Respect and peace is the symbol of the white tulip. In the windmills country or the Netherlands, every visiting country guest is presented with white tulips on their meeting tables. It shows respect for the great guest who is delivered with humility.


The tulips’ bright orange color symbolizes passion, happiness, and warmth, reflecting the optimistic nature of luck. Orange tulips are suitable for sad relatives to give them the spirit to stay cheerful and joyful. A bouquet of orange tulips is also suitable to be given to your best friend/friend who has just given birth.

Blue Tulip

Blue tulips are actually a variant of white tulips. Blue tulips symbolize calm and peace. In European countries, husbands usually give their wives blue tulips after they fight. It symbolizes that the husband admits his mistakes and wants to make peace with his wife.

Apart from being a sign of peace, blue tulips are also used as flowers of friendship because identical blue tulips imply a symbol of eternal friendship. Their cup-like shaped petals and often associated as a sign of joy, like the happy feeling you always feel when you are together with friends.

You can combine a series of blue tulips with white tulips for those of you who have friends with honest personalities. If you are looking for tulips to gift, you can check out gift delivery Singapore.

Apart from giving a bouquet of flowers, we can also customize the additional gifts included when giving a Tulip bouquet based on the flower color’s meaning. Here’s a suggested gift to match the color of your tulip bouquet.

  1. Teddy Bear or Baby Necessitties

Baby Necessities

If you plan to give a bouquet of orange tulips to a friend who has just given birth, baby necessities such as dolls, baby clothes, and toys can be added as the right choice.

  1. Perfume or Jewelry


Perfume or jewelry is suitable for a companion to a red tulip as a symbol of perfect love for your partner.

  1. Items according to with friends’ hobbies


Give a gift that suits your best friend’s hobbies along with a bouquet of yellow tulips on her happy day.

  1. Message in the bottle

Message in a bottle

Write those encouragement messages or reasons why you love your partner or friend. They can read the letters over and over again when they are feeling down.

  1. Friendship Accessory

Friendship ring

A couple’s bracelet, ring, or necklace for your best friend can be a great idea to give along with the tulip bouquet.