What is an anvil and what is it for?

 What is an anvil and what is it for?

Despite the fact that its name awakens various historical knowledge or memories, the anvil continues to be one of the most used auxiliary work instruments today. In this review, we will focus on what an anvil is for and what its various applications are.

The anvil is mostly known for being a widely used tool in blacksmithing. This type of tool is normally made of hard and impact resistant metal. It is used as a support to forge or work metal. Most of these instruments are made of wrought iron, because this material transfers the energy of the blow more efficiently. In other words, the other metals are very fragile or weak to withstand the constant and strong blow.

What is an anvil for?

Anvils are iron blocks that have a special shape and surface temper. It is used to hammer metals on it. That is, the forging process. Today, there are various sizes of anvils, the largest are used in blacksmithing, and the smallest are used by jewellers and watchmakers. Despite the aforementioned, the main work area or discipline for which the use of the anvil is identified is for blacksmith work. The same goes from making horseshoes of various sizes to implements or decorative objects. When we refer to this area or scope, the anvils have an endless number of auxiliary tools that allow much easier work and handling of metals.

Anvil types

There are several types of anvils that are mainly characterized or divided according to the area of ​​work. Below, some will be explained:

Square anvil – They are anvils that have a single horn, and have a square or rectangular termination at the other end. In this kind of anvil the horn it has is round. If we refer to its weight, there are several types that vary depending on the weight.

Anvil for Goldsmith – The scope or area of ​​work of Jewelry also requires anvils to be able to create their various objects or products.

Anvil Platero – Although it is little known, there is also an anvil for shoemakers. Of different weights and designs, this anvil is used simply to support or hold the shoe while it is being repaired with the support of hammers and many other tools.

Due to its usefulness, this type of tool continues to be one of the working instruments used in the current era. They have different designs and models to meet the different needs of the blacksmith market. In conclusion, the anvil is still part of the professional world.