What is the best fundraiser for cheerleaders

 What is the best fundraiser for cheerleaders

All your hard work practicing cartwheels, tumbles, headstands, and stags should not go to waste. If you have a major cheerleading competition to attend, money should not be a deterrent as to why you cannot go. Sure the competition fees are expensive, along with the costume, travel, and hotel expenses. However, money can be earned with a lot of team spirit and loads of hard work. If your cheerleading team doesn’t have the funds, do not despair.  All you need to do is run a successful fundraiser for cheerleaders, and you’ll have all the money you need.

Nothing Beats Traditional Cookies Homemade with Love

There’s undoubtedly someone on your team who can bake mouth watering cookies that tickle the taste buds. If it isn’t one of your co-members, surely there’s a supportive cheer-mom out there to make you batches of delicious cookies. Sell classic flavors and trendy ones like matcha green tea with white chocolate chip or potato chip cookiesFor help with your cheer fundraising, visit Fundraising Zone.  .

If you don’t have enough capital to buy the ingredients, your girls can pool money together. Without an iota of doubt, your parents will also be willing to help you out. Ask the parent’s association to provide financial aid. The best thing about cookies is you don’t need to break the bank to earn a profit. A lot of people also enjoy these sweet treats, so you will inevitably earn what you need in no time.

Capitalize on Cool School Merch That Boost School Spirit

Should the kids in your school and the people in your community be on a healthy, clean diet, then cookies may be out of the equation because of its nutritional content. If you want to make a killing in sales, capitalize on cool school merch to ear money. Not only will you be accumulating the dough, but you will also do the critical job of boosting school spirit. And isn’t that really your primary job as a cheerleader?

Collaborate with your school bookstore for better sales. In fact, find sponsors so you don’t have to invest much to produce your merchandise. Tap artistic friends to make digital designs. You can print your notepads, pens, sticky notes, pen holders, ID holders, book holders, nameplates, stickers, and more. With this method, you foster school loyalty while raising funds for your cheerleading team needs.

Execute a One-of-a-Kind Shirt Designing Contest

Unlock the inner creativity of your schoolmates by sponsoring a one-of-a-kind T-shirt design contest. Apart from stimulating the imagination and fostering the flow of creative juices, you can earn a lot of money by conducting a T-shirt drive from the winning design. Set a theme that’s centered on your school slogan to keep everyone engaged in your project.

For best results, gain the permission of the school’s administration. Establish the guidelines, print application forms, and advertise your event. Aside from the usual posters and school radio, leverage social media for maximum exposure. Entice everyone to join by getting sponsored prizes.

When you find your winning design, you can proceed with the T-shirt drive and sell as many t-shirts as you can. You can even sell to your community members. Give your best pitch to make a sale. Remember, it is hard to say no to a warm, genuine smile coming from a cute cheerleader.

High Time to Set Up Mini Pep Rallies

Everyone loves a good pep rally because it spells loads of fun. This also doesn’t decimate your pocketbooks to setup. You can charge a small entry fee for all your guests. Consider this as an excellent way to showcase your routine. Put on an amazing show with your various uniforms and show them what you’ve got!

Add spice to your program by asking friends to perform. Intersperse poetry readings, songs, and musical instruments. Amp up your game  by including audience participation. This will surely result in a lot of videos and pics that your audience can share on social media. Think of an ingenious hashtag to draw more attention to your cause. With more likes, comments, and shares, many will see your message. Before you know it, donations will come trickling in.

Good Old Raffle Tickets

There’s a reason why this method has been a tried and tested fundraising tactic. It’s because it works! Encourage local businesses to help you with the prizes. It can be in kind or a gift card. Your team needs to establish how much the ticket price will be for each ticket.

Coordinate this activity with your school so you can sell to everyone, including teachers and parents. Include your community for even bigger profits. Of course, you must conduct your raffle draw on a school day, and you can go live on your FB account for community members to see who the winners are.

Get Soapy and Sudsy with a Community Carwash

It doesn’t take rocket science to wash a car. Get your girls to go around the community to offer car washing services. For best results, advertise your activity. You can also have one special day where you can gather in one venue. Consider doing it on the school grounds, with permission, and then hook up to the water system.

 Everyone loves a community car wash because no one has the time to clean on busy weekdays. This has actually been one of the most basic ways to raise funds. All you need is soap, water, sponges, buckets, wax, and you are good to go.

Hold a Garage Sale

As the saying goes, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Ask your teammates, close friends, and family members to gather `ten items that they no longer use. This must be in good selling condition. Seek the approval of your admin to conduct a garage sale on school premises.

If you want a lot of visitors, be sure to advertise on social media. You can also do text blasts to all your friends and family. In fact, during this day, you can also sell refreshments to augment your income.

 For all the activities that you do, you must make sure that your purpose for doing the event is clear. You have to be honest about why your cheerleading team needs money. Depending on your time frame, you can do one event, or you can do several at the same time. For instance, you can hold a garage sale, bake-off, merch sale, and community car wash in one day. Remember, for successful fundraising, your attitude is everything. So go, team! Hooray!

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