why do you need to invest in email list checker / email list validation service?

 why do you need to invest in email list checker / email list validation service?

What is email list checker / email list validation service?

Email list checker is a tool that is used to verify email lists that helps to identify all the emails and categories them into real and fake. Email list validation service can simply sanitize your mailing list by getting rid of all invalid emails addresses, spam traps that can ultimately result into hard bounces leaving out only emails that valid and have a reliable domain server. A verified email list will help you reach real people that will lead to more engagement that will ultimately lead to more sales and awareness about your brand.

Email List Validation service has number benefits that will help you take your email marketing to the next level.

Here are some benefits that email list validation service can provide you if you invest in it:

  • High quality email list

Email list marketing is one of the most effective way in this era to reach your costumers, but your email marketing won’t be effective if you don’t have an authentic email list filled with spam traps , invalid or inactive emails. This will result into your email marketing being a complete waste. This is why it is important to have a verified email list, it will turn your spammy and invalid list into high quality list with all real and authentic emails that will end up reaching your subscribers and not waste time on invalid email addresses.

  • Saves money

Storing and sending out emails via your email marketing plan cost you money and if you don’t use mailing list verification, then you’ll be paying to deliver your mails to harmful emails like spam traps and this will result into money down the drain. With a verified email list you may have a smaller list but all of that will be authentic. A smaller list means less money spend on storing and sending email.

  • Eliminate hard bounces

If you have an email list prepared and it consists of various emails that are unauthentic and sending them out emails will only result them into turning into hard bounces. And higher the number of bounces, lower the senders reputation hence resulting into blacklisting of your account. To avoid this situation you must invest  into a bulk email software to sort out your email list and eliminate any chance of hard bounce.

  • Help increase senders reputation score

An email sender reputation is a score that an internet service provider assigns to an organisation that send out emails. This is determined by the quality of your emails that you send out. If you will keep sending out emails to unavailable or invalid domains you will be result into lower senders reputation score and then you will be considered a  spammy sender and  hence only reaching your real subscribers spam box so you could not abuse people’s inbox anymore. A clean list is the best way to obtain a higher senders reputation score and this can be archived by investing into an Email List Validation Service.

  • Avoid being blacklisted :

Being blacklisted will result the server to stop your message in transaction so you couldn’t  abuse anyone’s mailbox. You could be blacklisted for certain reasons like if you carry a low senders reputation score, your past mailing history, deliverability issues, hard bounces etc . All of these problems can be solved by having a verified email list. It will keep your email list valid and authentic resulting into higher senders reputation score, no deliverability issues , decreasing the chances of bounces etc etc. that’s why it’s important to invest into a email list validation service.

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