Why Potatoes Are Getting More Awareness

 Why Potatoes Are Getting More Awareness

Potatoes seem to be everywhere these days – potato pies, potato chips, microwave baked potato – you name it, and you can find it around. What’s the special reason for this? Well, for one thing, potatoes are beautiful, and not everyone can pass a beautifully stacked shelf filled with potatoes. But away from the looks, there are really solid reasons why it seems there is a potato rush these days.

  1. Potatoes are safe carbohydrates: Carbohydrates have been implicated in some really serious health issues, and the solution seems to be the consumption of fewer quantities of regular carbs, and instead switch to higher quality carbs. Luckily, potatoes are among the carbohydrates that offer more energy for fewer calories and contain fiber that aids digestion. More people are getting to realize this, and it is only natural that there is an increase in diets containing potatoes.
  2. Potatoes can be prepared in different exciting ways: Yes, potatoes are a delight for many, and that is because they can be prepared in different exciting ways. You can make potatoes a part of any diet to be eaten with relish. As a vegetable, there is no limit to how you may choose to enjoy it -alone or with other vegetables.
  3. Potatoes are nutritious: No jokes, you get a lot of nutritional value from potatoes. They contain as many essential minerals as most carbohydrates and yet have lesser sugar content. Potatoes contain high levels of b-carotene, and also potassium, and vitamins A and C, and have a rich fiver content. Also, the manner of preparation does not affect the nutritional much. You can eat a boiled or microwave baked potato and still get your caloric needs.
  4. Diabetics can rely on potatoes as a carb: Because carbohydrates are low in starch and contain some phytonutrients, diabetic patients can safely include some quantity of potatoes in their meal plan. People seeking to more weight can also cut out most other carbohydrates and use potatoes as their main nutrient source.
  5. They are easy to grow: A tiny backyard space can grow enough potatoes for a meal. A rubber tank cut in half can grow several kilos of potatoes. This is another reason why interest in potatoes is growing -they can be grown with minimal effort. Do you want some home-made microwave baked potato? In the next four months, you can grow them yourself.

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