Apps that reward you for not texting while driving

 Apps that reward you for not texting while driving

Smartphones can do almost anything, and the trend is not likely to slow down anytime soon. With the added technology it is much easier to become a distracted driver, and texting while driving is a real danger. You can get car interior accessories such as a phone holder to mount in your car so you can use the phone without being too distracted.


There are some apps that will pay you to not text while driving or at least keep you from doing so. There is an app called “OnMyWay,” which can be downloaded from Google, which will give you rewards for driving without texting. When your car reaches a certain speed, the app starts counting the miles as long as your phone remains locked.

If you are connected to Bluetooth, using your phone holder, you can still make and answer calls. You may also use your phone for navigation while the app is activated. The only time it stops counting the miles is when you unlock your phone or start to text. Another nice aspect is that passengers with the app on their phone can also rack up the miles.

You won’t likely make a lot of money, but there are some good rewards. As you rack up the miles, you can use the money earned to get deep discounts on many items, including things like car interior accessories. You make the purchase and the app will reimburse you for the discount amount. There are also cash offers at times, but you do have to drive a lot of miles to get to that point.

The app was created to stem the tide of people getting killed in automobile accidents due to texting. The number one cause of teenage deaths in the United States is car accidents. This has always been the case even before smartphones, but police say texting is a major cause of many accidents that happen.

Text Ninja

Another app that can help you stop texting while driving is called Text Ninja. You may earn rewards with this app too. The difference with this one is that you may “sponsor” someone. You can create a reward for a person that they can earn by not texting while driving.


These types of apps are growing in popularity. There are other apps that will prevent you from texting but do not get into the rewards area. Some service carriers like AT&T and Verizon already have apps that will help you avoid the temptation to text while driving.


Texting while driving is clearly unsafe, but it is tempting for most people. Taking your eyes and attention off the road for even a moment can have disastrous results. When considering car interior accessories, get yourself, or someone else, a phone carrier. You can then get the app and stay safe, and even get some rewards on the side.