Don’t Easily Believe Online Recommendations on Natural Remedies and Stick With Proven Methods Like the Use of the Big Berkey Filter

 Don’t Easily Believe Online Recommendations on Natural Remedies and Stick With Proven Methods Like the Use of the Big Berkey Filter

You might hear a lot of people telling you that there are natural remedies for different illnesses. If you feel sick, there’s no need to go to the doctor since these options are worth trying. If you feel tempted to give them a shot, you have to pause. You might think that natural remedies don’t have side effects, or are effective, but they’re not. Some of them might even lead to more terrible health conditions. You should stick with proven methods and consult with your doctor to get the right prescription. You can also take a rest and drink water when you feel sick. If you have the big Berkey filter at home, it helps. It allows you to have access to clean drinking water anytime you want.

Eating healthily and carefully choosing what to put into your mouth are excellent practices. If you decide to have more fruits and vegetables in your diet, they’re good for you. However, if you consider using them for therapeutic purposes, it’s a different story. You’re not sure about their properties, and if they can help you recover from your illness. Natural supplements are also a big no. They might sound healthy, but they could lead to health issues.

They don’t have government approval

Before commercial medicines become available in the market, they have gone through a lot of processes. Manufacturers have to conduct several trials in both animals and humans before it’s safe to mass-produce the pills. If there were issues along the way, the production wouldn’t happen. It’s also the reason why it’s taking a lot of time before the coronavirus vaccine becomes available. Until it certain that the vaccine is effective and won’t lead to side effects, it won’t receive approval from the government.

Conversely, several natural supplements are available right now in the market even if they don’t have government approval. Some of them might even advertise supplements as effective in treating different illnesses. The truth is that the supplements won’t do anything to help you recover. They might even contain chemicals that could worsen your condition.

The information might be incorrect 

You’re also willing to try natural remedies because you read a lot of information online. You believe that it’s correct, and you’re eager to try it. The problem is that the information you get might be incorrect. It’s easy for anyone to come up with articles and reviews online. They might seem authentic, but they’re not. However, due to the way the information is presented, you might think that it’s safe for you to try these options.

False advertising is rampant these days

There are punishments for false advertising. The problem is that with the advent of online stores, it’s easy to sell products and services these days. Some of them are not regulated or controlled by the government. As a result, you might fall for false ads and believe they’re correct. The manufacturers of these natural supplements might not even have proper registration. You couldn’t run after them since they’re not legally operating in the first place.

Ancient practices don’t guarantee the effectiveness

Some people believe that natural remedies are effective because they’ve been around for a long time. There are even ancient practices from thousands of years ago that are still available now. Just because they’ve been around for too long doesn’t mean that they are effective. It means that the place where the practice started have a strong tradition of passing information from one generation to another. Hence, it was easy to preserve these practices. You could be at risk if you believe in them.

You might have biases against chemicals 

One of the reasons why you would instead stick with natural remedies is that you don’t like the idea of putting chemicals in your body. The truth is that there are chemicals around you. Even the air you breathe could contain chemicals. Your perceived biases against commercially available drugs are unfounded. Even companies claiming that they’re only selling natural products might still have chemicals in them. Anything that is synthetic or didn’t come from natural sources can be classified as chemicals. The amount of chemicals present in commercial medicines is safe. Again, they have gone through a thorough trial before production. If they are proven to be unsafe, they won’t pass the different phases of trials. Even if these medicines eventually end up to be ineffective or unsafe, there are mechanisms to take them out of the market. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about.

Talk to your doctor

If you’re uncertain about the remedy that you would like to try to recover from your illness, you have to consult with your doctor. It’s the only way to guarantee that you will be safe with whatever you take. If you’ve already received a prescription from your doctor, you need to follow it. Medical doctors studied for several years before practicing the profession. They understand human bodies well. They also have to take exams before receiving their license to practice. Considering the time, effort, and resources placed into becoming a doctor, they will do their best to have the chance to practice the profession. It means that whatever comes out of your doctor’s mouth, you can trust it. Even if you don’t, you can easily run after your doctor for medical malpractice.

Staying healthy and being careful with what you eat is okay. Trying different exercise techniques also works. It’s only a problem if you use natural methods to treat illnesses. Recovering from whatever disease you may have is a separate issue.

You don’t want to place yourself at risk because you decided to take matters into your own hands. Don’t fear your doctor. You might have a not so serious condition that you can recover from with immediate treatment. You would rather face the truth now so you can start to treat the problem. Trying natural remedied in hopes things will get better isn’t necessarily the best option.

Clare Louise