Facts on How e-cig Works to Enable Production of Steam

 Facts on How e-cig Works to Enable Production of Steam

Are you looking for the right information regarding to the differences between the traditional cigar and the electronic cigars that have taken the smoking market with storm? If this has been your concern for a long time, then you can be assured that this specific article will be able to take you through step by step as far as the differences of these types of cigars are concerned. As the word itself suggest, it is important to note that an electronic device relies entirely on the power that is supplied to it so as its system can be in a position to work as it is intended to work. On the other hand, the traditional cigar is so different from this since it doesn’t need a lot of information for you to be in a position to understand the mechanism with which they are working. With the dry tobacco in it and the enclosure that is composed of the special paper. It is on this paper that the flame catches up and the process of burning tobacco begins. This is so contrary when compared with the mechanism at which the e-cig relies for it to produce the steam. These are a number of factors that makes the e-cig different from the traditional cigars;

  • Lithium battery
  • Electronic liquid
  • Puff form

Lithium battery

The e-cig relies on the power that is supplied by the battery. The battery therefore ought to be recharged from time to time so as it can keep the device running. Besides the running of the device, the battery also is responsible in making sure that it also supplies power to the sensor that is located at the mouth piece. The role of the sensor is to detect your intention to vape so as it can trigger the heater to initiate the processes of heating. Once the heater heats up the liquid in the reservoir, it will then be able to make sure that vapor or steam is gotten through the boiling of the liquid tobacco. It is this particular vapor that is supposed to be inhaled every time a vaper takes in the puffs from this device.

Electronic liquid

As for the traditional cigar, the dry tobacco is supposed to be burnt till it is able to produce the smoke. The smoker will therefore inhale the smoke as it is containing the nicotine that is a stimulant. This is not the case with the e-cig. The latter one has a special liquid that is extracted from the fresh leaves of the tobacco and some of the preservatives are added into it. As the heater vaporizes the liquid, it is able to produce the vapor or steam that is inhaled.

Puff form

Traditional cigars are known to produce the smoke. On the case of the electronic cigar, the vapor is inhaled instead. This is a major difference that lies between these two types of the cigars. However, all of them are used by the users to inhale tobacco.

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