How To Earn Money With Selling Merchant Accounts? 

 How To Earn Money With Selling Merchant Accounts? 

Money drives people to work hard. It is the most important factor for which a person is ready to seek a job and work. The world is very materialistic and to survive in it, one needs enough money for a healthy lifestyle. The fact which bothers most aspiring agents, who seek to engage themselves in selling merchant services, is how much they will get for their work. Selling merchant accounts is very much rewarded only if you put effort. No work is lucrative until and unless the person puts in his 100% effort. If you work hard, you are sure to be rewarded with high commissions and residuals.


Selling credit card processing is a hard-working task in itself. But, it does provide a lot of opportunities to earn well if you are truly dedicated to it. The income of an agent who is selling merchant services is divided into two parts- commission and residual. When a company that is selling credit card processing successfully gets a merchant who is ready to use their services, they get a payment every time the merchant makes a transaction.

Residual pay

Every time the merchant decides to stop using the services provided by the company, they get a certain portion of the transaction money. The agent who has brought the merchant customer to the bank gets 50% of that portion. Hence, the more time you spend on getting new customers, the more is your residual pay.

Tips to earn more

Now that you are aware of the residual income, it’s time to learn some tricks to make more money. While selling merchant accounts you need to understand that hard work is the key.

  • Set a goal

First of all, you need to set your goal. Setting a goal helps in trying to attain it and putting as much work needed to achieve that. Work hard and be determined in your goal whether it be in increasing your earning or selling credit card processing at a greater rate.

  • Choose your merchant program

It is very important to choose your selling merchant services program carefully. You can go with North American Bancard if you are a beginner and have no idea how to find the perfect program.

  • Be informed

It is very important to know the product you are selling. Before selling merchant services make sure that your agent program provides you with all the necessary information to attract the targeted merchants.

  • Time management

The more time you put in Selling Merchant Accounts, the more will your income increase. Selling credit card processing isn’t as easy as it seems, especially when you are self-employed. You need to follow up with your old merchant customers and also make new customers. Therefore time management is very necessary.

  • Referrals

 A referral is another way to increase your merchant customers. If you are selling credit card processing and providing excellent services, your old customers would readily offer you referrals and your customer list will keep on increasing now and then.


Now, with tips and information, it’s time to start Selling Merchant Accounts and earn millions from it.


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