9 Ways to Control Your Anger

 9 Ways to Control Your Anger

Psychotherapists often recommend exercise and relaxation techniques  to control temper and to reduce stress. overly aggressive people need a remedy that’s more natural and packed with impact.

Anger can be an important life issue to deal with, because it typically results in making a problem worse. Not solving it. People with anger management issues also have health issues to deal with. Like a higher probability of high blood pressure, stress, anxiety, brain hemorrhage, or even a heart attack.

  • Stressful Life: Excessive anger can lead to uncomfortable life situations. Not only for the one showing it but for the people who receive it more often.
  • Dissolution: It causes stress and contributes to a lack of trust between partners. And it can eventually result in separation or divorce.
  • Children Can be Affected: Children are also affected. Depending on the child’s age, being exposed to an angry person can have lifelong consequences. These children may develop emotions of fear and hatred, or they may adopt the same behavior which may cause problems in their social and personal lives.

If you are having a difficult time controlling your anger, and you feel it’s causing problems in your life, you should get help. You can start by searching for a good counseling center.  Chicago has many good psychotherapists that can help. If anger damaged your relationship to the point of separation, getting couples counseling in Chicago can help you rebuild your relationship and help you again live happily with your partner.

In addition to regular counseling, you can follow these anger management tips to control your temper and begin a new happy life with your partner.

  1. Think and Speak

Take some time to relax and settle down. Thy to shift your emotion from anger to a more peaceful state. Collect your thoughts and think about what you’re going to say, before you say something in anger that you can’t take back. And let others take part in the discussion. These actions will give you time to settle down and calm your nerves.

  1. After Calming Down, Then Express Your Anger

The time you take to think and select appropriate words, you will also realize that you’ll only ruin the situation by behaving angrily. Striking out while you are still angry is pretty much the worst thing you can do. Once you are calmer, you can start expressing your feelings in a less angry tone. Try it. You’ll be amazed how much better this works.

  1. Physical Activity

Exercise is a great way to release stress. You will feel better and even think more clearly. Try it, it really helps.

  1. Timeout with Kids

Give yourself a break and go spend some time with your kids. Kids can make anyone happy. Meanwhile you can take some time to figure out how to tackle difficult situations creatively.

  1. Begin the Sentence with “I” Instead of “You”

While criticizing your spouse or your co-worker, better start with “I” instead of pointing at him or her. You can say, “I was expecting you’d help me wash those dishes, but you didn’t.”, instead of telling him or her, “You were supposed to wash the dishes today, but had to do it.”

  1. Identify Solutions

If you think about the cause, you’ll get angrier. If you think about the solution, you will probably find one. This will help you calm down.

  1. Are You Holding a Grudge?

Learn to live with differences and allow freedom of expression as well. A forgiving attitude is much healthier than holding a grudge. No need to be angry. And besides, if you hold grudges, you will only hurt yourself.

  1. Try Some Humor

Try your humor to fight anger. Lighten up complicated situations with good natured jokes. Try it, it helps.

  1. Seek out a Good Counseling Clinic

If you are still having trouble with anger,  seek out a professional counseling center Chicago has many that can help you with anger management. Visit us: www.innervoicepc.com

Daniel Donny