How To Use Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Combo Smoker

 How To Use Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Combo Smoker

For smoking and grilling, there is a tool that is called a smoker or griller and in the market, there are plenty of these available for the users. But not all of these grillers are suitable for everyone. Above all, we can say that there is a famous griller from Oklahoma Joe which will be your best smoking and grilling partner we hope. All the smokers and grillers require almost the same usage and maintenance manuals. But we are here with the user guide for a specific griller, and it is Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Combo Smoker.

Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Combo Smoker is a versatile smoker that you can use for making the juicy and smoky grills and BBQs in your home. This is packed with both a charcoal and gas grill container or you can say chamber and a connected offset firebox, this versatile smoker and grill will allow you to grill and make the barbecue within your access. This smoker griller has a sturdy and durable design that you can use the way you want to. But for the first time after purchase, you will face some issues with the usage of this griller as you are new to it. So, here we have the usage guide for your further convenience.

The Usage Guide of Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Combo Smoker

Oklahoma joe longhorn combo Smoker is a smoker that is loved by many of the smoky grill lovers of the world. When you compare the smoker grills with the other pellet grills or kettle grills, the usage process of the smoker grills is pretty much complex than others of these. Let’s have a look at the user procedure of Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Combo Smoker.

Step 1: Set Up The Temperature

Before going to make a proper grill or smoke, you have to set a perfect temperature first of all.  In our opinion, 225°F is the ideal temperature that you should retain constant while grilling. The smoker grillers are made with a cheaply single temperature probe, and these grills keep you in a careful situation about the temperature condition which is pretty much fluctuating all the time. You don’t have to worry about it as you own the Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Combo Smoker and it has dual and modernized temperature probes.

In the cooking chambers end line, you have to make a little hole by drilling. One thing you have to keep in mind is that, the more the hole is nearer to the seafood item, the better it will be after time.

Step 2: Fire Up Your Grill With Charcoal

Following the upper step, you have to forward to this step. With this action, all of your selected grill making foods may have been prepared. Particularly for meat, if you want to make the meat absorb the smoke better then you have to take a slice of frozen meat rather than any room temperature meat.

After that, apply a chimney opener or starter to light up all the charcoal you need for the cooking process. If the needed coal is not available at your hand, then you can use the wood which will be the best replacement. Both of the elements will give you the excellent food flavor that you are looking for. Nevertheless, the wood flames may drop a little bit of ash over the flesh. On average, this process step can take you approximately not more than 15 minutes.

Step 3: Control the Oxygen Intake

For making the needed heat in the smoker for preparing your mean, the oxygen works as an essential element. To maintain the balance of the heat of your Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Combo Smoker you have to try your best to control a decent flow of the oxygen through your smoker.

First of all, you have to keep two baffles, such as the ingesting baffle and the chimney baffle, keep them open to their full level. Afterward, pour a little amount of fuel into the smoker, unless it gets heated. Wait for it. Following that, adjust all the baffles and fill the firefox with the required coals. Until the heat reaches the desired level, wait and then add your meat into it.

Step 4: Try To Maintain The Temperature Perfectly

In the above step, we have demonstrated two baffles that will balance the heat. The intake baffle looks after the heat and the chimney baffle maintains the smoke. Replenish the smoker with new coals, when the temperature seems to go down.

Step 5: Add Extra Flavors By Wood Chunks

For better smoking, choose the little wood chunks instead of the large pieces of wood. To infuse extra added smoke into the meat you can apply one or two pieces of wood chunks into the smoker at every cooking cycle. If you are fond of other flavored woods like hardwoods or fruitwoods, they can also be an essential option as a replacement.

Step 6: Add Some Moistures

Without putting negative effects on the burning coals, you can add some extra moistures to make your food more delicious and tasty. You can use a metal plate on the coal layer with some liquids. The stem plate will make sure some added moistures for the meat. In this scenario, the meat becomes dry while you smoke.

Final Words

If you are the one who is looking for the proper guidance for using Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Combo Smoker, here is all the info that you may find helpful while using the smoker. For making a spicy, juicy, smoky, and mouth-watering smoked grill, this guide manual will help you a little bit, we believe. If you a looking for any other usage information about it, you can check their website.