Sexing The Marijuana Plants  – Finding The Male And Female From The Lot

 Sexing The Marijuana Plants  – Finding The Male And Female From The Lot

If you someone looking forward to maximizing the harvest, sexing the cannabis plants is very essential. Although, the male plants are not a total waste, the female plants are only going to give you the kind of yield you are looking for. This is the article that will tell you to find out the sex of your cannabis plant and this should happen at the flowering stage. You must segregate the male plants from the female to avoid pollination. Because when the female plants pollinate with the male ones, you will not have your yield properly. They will end up producing more seeds and that is something that you do not desire at this stage Buy Pot Seed USA.

The cannabis flowering stage will begin as soon as it received some 12 hours of light and 12 hours of intermittent darkness in each 24 hour cycle. Once this photoperiod is initiated, the plants are going to enter the pre-flowering stage. This is the time when they increase in their size as the branch structure prepares to support and bear the flowers.

Telling if it is a male or a female flower

During the pre-flowering stage, which is stage of about 10 days. It is quite difficult to identity the sex of your plant. The first flowers should visible within 2 weeks. That is why it is suggested to use either the feminized seeds or auto flowering seeds as this process of determining the sex of the plant is eliminated. The mentioned seeds are so created to produced female plants only and one can anticipate good harvest and yield out of it.

There are times when you need to induce the flowering to sex your marijuana plant. The later part of the article will deal with this process.

When you are growing your plant indoors, it is you who decides whether to alter the photo period and induce the flowering stage a little earlier. This can be achieved by simple adjusting the light timers.

If you are growing your plant outdoors, this is difficult because apart from water, everything is natural and you need to wait until your plant has received sufficient air, light, darkness and other important nutrients to enter the flowering stage. No one can say the exact time of flowering with growing outdoors because this will highly dependable on the location.

Still, it is quite possible to induce flowering outside by letting the plants exposes to light for 12 hours in the day time and then covering them again. you must do it very carefully as if the period of darkness is interrupted by light even for a short while, it can affect the growth of the plant. Take the risk, learn well and buy pot seeds in USA from us.