The Perfect Pamukkale Trip You Have Been Waiting for So Long

 The Perfect Pamukkale Trip You Have Been Waiting for So Long

Pamukkale in Turkish means Cotton Castle, and the name has everything to do with the place, as it arose through the precipitation of calcium carbonate brought by the thermal waters that sprouted in the mountains and that after solidified turned into travertine marble. From a distance it looks like nine.

Since 1988 Pamukkale became a World Heritage Site and only after that did the government begin to ban bathing in natural pools, but built artificial pools along the way so that tourists could enjoy it in the summer. Let’s also see What To Do InPamukkale.

Balloon rides are always done at sunrise, when the wind conditions are perfect

Flights take place every day during the year, be it winter or summer. We went in July. We took a jacket because of the height, but the hot air from the balloon kept us warm all the time. Flights do not leave only when there is a lot of sight, cloudiness or rain.

Most likely you have seen countless beautiful pictures of Pamukkale in Turkey

The name means “Cotton Castle” (Pamuk – cotton and kale – castle) and it couldn’t be more correct! The all-whitePamukkale floor that at first glance resembles snow, then reminds you of cotton. When we look at it from afar it looks like it was all made of cotton… and it’s beautiful!

If you are planning your trip in Turkey and are going to stop by in the region, you have found here a super complete guide with everything you need to organize a perfect and economical trip.

About Balloons:

Who doesn’t know about the Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon? There are several sizes of balloons. We flew in a 16-person capacity, but we were eleven + a pilot, the first woman to fly balloons in Cappadocia. We stayed three in each part of the basket with plenty of space to move. Children need to be over five feet in order to see the landscape.

How Is The Flight:

It all starts when the balloon is being “filled” with hot air. When it is ready, everyone climbs in the basket and even before sunrise we are already in the air. The balloon descends in the middle of the valley of the fairy chimneys (those rock formations of Cappadocia) and rises up to 500m in height and does not swing at all. Without a doubt the most beautiful view I have ever seen in my life. The flight lasts approximately 50 minutes, but the excitement is so great that it seems like a maximum of 15 minutes.

How It Works:

Each agency picks up the hotel at around 4am, offers a quick breakfast and even before sunrise the balloons are already in the air. Before the balloon goes up, the pilot gives the flight instructions and teaches the landing position. After an hour of flight, which seems like it only takes about 15 minutes of everything so new and beautiful, everyone makes a toast and wins a medal for flying, and the agency takes you back to the hotel at around 7am.


It is a unique experience and has no sentimental value to pay! But the financial cost is between 120 and 140 euros, but we got a discount as part of a job we did and ended up paying 85 euros each for Sky Way Ballons in July and still with Cappadocia’s first female pilot.

Daniel Donny