The Age Of Digital Marketing And Facebook

 The Age Of Digital Marketing And Facebook

The world underwent the industrial revolution when people started moving away from agriculture and started using machines as a means for their livelihood. This changed the world forever. It is due to that industrial revolution that we are seeing a new kind of revolution now. The digital revolution!

The digital revolution, augmented by the rise of the internet and fast computers has shifted the world from traditional media into digital media. And in this age of digitization, marketing yourself through, for example, a Facebook campaign is very important.

Why use Facebook?

Facebook was controversially started by Mark Zukerberg in 2004 after dropping out of college. Since then, the platform has lifted itself from just a social media platform where people send memes and chat to a real-world counterpart of our lives.

There aren’t just people lurking around the corner, but industries themselves. This means that there is a huge market for selling your product online and Facebook understands this. It is precisely why Facebook has offered ads to start campaigns.

Benefits of Facebook Ads

·       Robust Analytics:

Facebook offers robust analytics that allows you to keep track of your progress. All this data allows you to fine-tune your Facebook campaign to better fit your needs and goals.

·       Micro-Target Audience:

Facebook marketing can be used to target an audience in a certain niche. Since Facebook offers the option of creating groups, finding groups that match your niche, and targeting them is easy.

·       Macro-Target Audience:

You don’t necessarily need to micro-target your audience. A lot of times, the products to be sold are for general purposes. Facebook can help this need by promoting your campaign to a general audience. Since the audience on Facebook is so versatile, your product will get all the attention from every corner possible.

·       Great Conversion Rates:

Most of the time, people see an ad to just ignore it. There are hardly any clocks on that ad. This data can be verified through Google analytics on Google ads. However, Facebook ads look more attractive to people due to the psychological nature of social media and therefore have high conversion rates.

·       Time Spent On Facebook:

People spend a lot of time on Facebook. This means that there is a high chance that people will notice your campaign more often than not.

Facebook campaigns are a great way to enhance your business and learning the basics now should be your top priority.

Daniel Donny