Types and Principles Of Marketing

 Types and Principles Of Marketing

The concept of marketing has been there for a long time. it is the business of buying and selling so that a healthy relationship is built between the buyer and seller. One can know even more about marketing from seanabbottmarketing.com . Even though various professionals may explain differently, the core principle of marketing remains the same.

Types of marketing.


  • Influencer marketing


In this kind of marketing, a brand or an organization hires an influencer which may be influencers, content creators to create awareness for their brand.


  • Viral marketing


The marketing message is passed among the people by the phenomena of viral marketing. It encourages people to pass their message among a community.


  • Relationship marketing


It refers to the strategies and tactics to target customers and builds loyalty.


  • Keyword marketing


This type of marketing occurs when a specific keyword is placed in a message. It gives businesses the ability to reach the correct people with the right kind of messages.


  • Green marketing


Green marketing involves using products and development that are relatively safe for the environment.


  • Guerrilla marketing


It is an unconventional and creative form of marketing strategy. They are used to obtain maximum results

The principle of marketing

Ps are the basic principle of marketing. One may learn even more about marketing and its principles from http://seanabbottmarketing.com/ . The four Ps of marketing are:


  • Product


The products differ from company to company or within a company. It refers to an idea, goods, or services. It is what needs to be advertised and sold for the benefit of a company.


  • Price


The price of a product is what a customer has to pay in exchange for the product. The price plays a crucial role as it indicates the quantity of money for the good or service.


  • Place


The places where the product is distributed is also important. The place of the product determines the market coverage by the product


  • Promotion


The customers should know about the product and for this promotion is important. It helps to build awareness about the brand and the product.


In simple terms, marketing is selling products and services on a large scale. Various versions of its explanations are available, one such application may be found at http://seanabbottmarketing.com/ . there are various types of marketing and the company may choose the kind that best suits them. The basic principle of marketing is the four Ps which remain unchanged.

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