What’s the Difference between Built-in Refrigerator and Freestanding?

 What’s the Difference between Built-in Refrigerator and Freestanding?

Refrigerators are of built-ins and freestanding types. You can choose from any of them or even both as per your settings. Both models have their advantages as well as the opposite. Let’s discuss how they are different.

Built-in refrigerators are the high-end luxury’s that give kitchens a new height. Professionals install them. The fridge has the right size and width. These are available up to 48 inches wide. Also, the gap between the cabinets and the fridge top is less.

The built-in refrigerators offer an unlimited amount of customization. They come in a variety of door styles, custom panelling, inbuilt wine cooler and more. The model has a long period of durability.

Sure, the built-in refrigerators have top-quality and luxury, but they are pricey. They need some space for placement and have to be attached to the wall. So it is a bit of tedious work for the folks, but not for the professionals.

There are styles of a counter-depth refrigerator.

  • Side-by-side
  • French door
  • Top-freezer
  • Bottom-freezer

Side by Side – The side by side model has two doors going the full height. On one side is the refrigerator and on the other is the freezer.

French door – The French one has two doors, one on the top and the freezer below. They open outward, showing the massive refrigerator space inside. The doors opening and closing take less space and are suitable to fit small size kitchens.

Top Freezer – This is the traditionally styled model with the freezer door on top and the fridge door below. They open on sides, left or right, based on the model chosen.

Bottom Freezer – This refrigerator door is present on the top and freezer door below. The bottom freezer model is like the French one without the two doors opening to the right or left.

The side-by-side, French door, top and bottom-freezer have narrow depths. The narrow width has more space that makes room in a small kitchen. With many styles, the ideal counter-depth refrigerator fits perfectly. A piece of advice while purchasing the counter depth is to note the door openings and the handles to have a more pleasing appliance.

The freestanding or stand-alone refrigerators are the common ones. They come in many styles. The fridges are a great option due to their flexibility, and the price is not much. The freestanding refrigerators come in full-depth. But these are not customizable.

Like with a counter depth refrigerator, a stand-alone model comes in different finishes and door styles. They have slate finishes, freezers-on-top, French doors and other models fitting the design. The best advantage is that they are easily moveable from one location or another.

The freestanding refrigerators do not have a long life. And with the final model of 24-inch depth, they cannot have cabinets. The other aspect is that these refrigerators are 36 inches wide maximum. For broader requirements, they don’t stand a chance against the counter depth refrigerator.

Both the stand-alone and counter depth refrigerators are energy efficient and have smart technology features. Now it is up to you for the decision.

Daniel Donny