Your search for a perfect ring ends here. Read a man’s guide to wearing rings

 Your search for a perfect ring ends here. Read a man’s guide to wearing rings

Rings have been part of jewellery since ages. Rings come in different metals and can be worn in different fingers. Since ages, rings have been worn as a symbol of respect, love, position, and power. Greeks and Romans popularised the fashion of wearing a ring. For over 100 years, rings are worn by men to show status, wealth, and commitment. Although most of the men do not have much knowledge about the various types of rings.

Here are different types of rings that a man can consider while buying-

  1. Diamond Rings – A diamond ring is one of the most classic types of ring for both women and men. As you know, diamonds come in various shapes, sizes, and colours. These rings usually come with a diamond as the centrepiece of the ring.
  2. Gold Rings – A gold ring is the most traditional and classic choice mentioned in the history of jewellery. Usually, pure gold is labelled as 24 karats and comes in various designs as the metal easily moulds into any desired shape. If you do not wish to go for traditional yellow gold, then you can opt for white gold or rose gold ring.
  3. Platinum Rings – Platinum rings are one of the most precious ones in the ring category. These are also the most expensive in the fine jewellery list. Platinum’s colour is very similar to that of silver but with a mellow hue.
  4. Birthstone Rings – There is a birthstone assigned for each month, and your birthstone is the one that’s assigned to the month you were born in. Birthstone rings are not only fashionable but also carry personal essence.
  5. Titanium Rings – Titanium is one of the trendiest metals on the list. It is very light in weight, which is why many men prefer it. Black titanium is also very popular for its unique appearance.
  6. Rhodium Ring – Rhodium is the most precious member of the platinum family. It is usually coated on jewellery to make it resist tarnish and scratches while giving a reflective white appearance. You can also opt for a two-toned rhodium ring that is slightly more expensive.

Where to wear a ring?

Here are a few traditional ways to wear a ring in respective fingers-

  1. Pinky Finger – Pinky finger or the little finger is usually the first choice for men to wear a ring. Such a ring is usually a statement ring as it isolates the ring from the body somewhat and makes it an eye-popping element. It has no connection to any religious or cultural concepts.
  2. Ring Finger – The ring finger is commonly associated with a wedding ring. It indicates that the wearer is married. As it symbolises marital status, the ring chosen for this finger is usually classic, like plain wedding bands or one with a classic jewel.
  3. Middle Finger – A middle finger ring is a bit uncommon as it is very close to the index finger, and hence, can be uncomfortable. Therefore, rings worn in this finger are delicate and simple.
  4. Index Finger – The ring in index finger or pointer finger is usually used to symbolise class, family, etc. This finger is associated with Jupiter, meaning it symbolises leadership and power.

No matter which ring you choose, you must select it keeping your style and traits in mind.

Danny White